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Pet Visits  

Prices start from only £11.00 per visit and are available in most areas of the Isle of Man! 

Creature Carers are very flexible and committed to providing you with the best quality care for your pet(s). We will always go that extra mile to try and help. If you don’t see the service you are looking for why not email us or call to discuss your requirements.

Our responsible and experienced team of animal lovers can visit your pet(s) as many times as day as you prefer to ensure that all your pet(s) needs are catered for. 

Whilst at your home our Carers will undertake a number of activities including:

- Feeding your pet(s) and refreshing their drinking water (inc washing food and water bowls during each visit)

- Basic health checks

- Play and cuddles with your pet(s)

- Basic grooming for long haired pets

- Administration of medication if required

- Transport your pet(s) to your chosen veterinary surgeon if required

- Cleaning of litter trays if required

- Watering plants

- Removing mail / newspapers from letter box area of your home and collating in a secure place out of sight

- Switching on / off lights to give the impression that your home is occupied

- Opening and closing curtains / blinds in accordance with the time of day

- Removing refuge from your home and placing bins ready for collection 


In our view the biggest advantage is that your pet(s) continue their usual routine and remain secure and happy in their own home.

It avoids having to transport your pet(s) to an alien environment where they may not be comfortable. It also saves you the time and cost of taking them elsewhere.

You have complete peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) and home are safe and secure in your absence. All our Carers have recently undergone a full police background check and we only use people whom we would trust with our own home and pet(s).

Your family, friends or neighbours don’t have the responsibility or inconvenience of having to visit.

We are a reasonably priced care option which makes it possible for multi-pet households or exotic pet owners to travel away from home.

We only charge for the time we actually spend with your pet(s).

If you are delayed returning home you can contact us quickly to arrange additional visits. 

Our Guidelines 

- For new clients we will arrange an initial consultation to meet you and your pet(s) which is free of charge. We will usually collect the spare key at this time unless you would like to arrange to drop the key off to your Carer before you leave. If you are unable to provide your Carer with a key during this consultation or drop it off with them before the assignment starts we charge a £5 collection fee to cover the fuel, wear and tear on your Carers vehicle.

- Payment should be left in the house on the day of the first visit along with your pet(s) food and bedding, any medication and further instructions if required.

- We ask our Carers to leave your home as they find it. They are happy to clean up after your pet(s) and themselves but please note that we only provide a pet care service and are not professional cleaners.

- Holiday Surcharges - Assignments scheduled on bank holidays incur a surcharge of 25% with the exceptions of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day which incur a surcharge of 50%.

- If your booking is made very close to the date that you require us to visit, it may not be possible to provide a Carer from your own area. If this is the case we will substitute the closest available Carer geographically but additional charges may apply to cover their fuel and wear and tear on their vehicle.

- Although we are able to care for most domestic pet(s) we are unable to take bookings for animals kept for commercial purposes in an agricultural setting or for horses. 

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