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At Creature Carers we realise that if you haven't got to know us yet the decision to trust us with your pet(s) and home may be a difficult one. With this in mind we like to ask our clients to provide us with comments that we can use on our website.

We hope that by reading the comments (all of which can be verified) below this may give you some comfort in knowing that we love your pet(s) as much as you do. Please also take a look at our Facebook page where we upload photographs of some of the lovely pets we care for when we have time.

"My large Norwegian Forest cats previously stayed in catteries when we have been on holiday. This time I used Claire’s company and I’m so glad I did. Normally there was a settling back in period and both boys would be very jumpy for a day or so on returning home. What a difference this time. They were totally relaxed and happy because they were in their normal surroundings being very well looked after so no trauma at all. I’m so grateful and highly recommend this very professional and caring company. Thank you Claire."

"We very highly recommend this company. Forget about having to drop off and collect pets, they will be wonderfully cared for in their usual environment. Our bunnies mean the world to us and they were beautifully cared for whilst we went on holiday. Upon return, the house was immaculate (you can imagine how messy 2 house rabbits can be!) the post was sitting in a neat pile in the kitchen, the plants watered and two very happy, content rabbits greeted us. Service to bunnies and house of the highest order. No hesitation in using Creature Carers next time we go away. Fiona"

We would whole heartedly recommend their services which were friendly, professional and cost effective... Thanks Creature Carers. E and D x"

"Donna from Creature Carers is fantastic! My dogs love her and she takes amazing care of them every day."

Reyna, Onchan

"Creature Carers service is ideal as pets are able to be looked after in their own home, saving cattery/kennels bills - and much less to worry about as the house is also more secure due to visits from carers."

Richard, Kirk Michael

"Zoe is a house cat, if we had put her into a cattery it would have been too stressful for her. It gave us piece of mind knowing she was at home and her routine was not disturbed. We are very pleased with the service from Creature Carers and would highly recommend them."

Lilian, Farmhill

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